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Glen Turpoff Calls A Perryville Place "A Pioneering Project"

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Glen Turpoff, executive director of the Northern Illinois Building Contractors Association, said the project carries features typically associated with more metropolitan areas.

He said the complex design includes elements of buildings in those areas that look to create a “living environment” for multiple purposes during the workday.

Turpoff said that while Summit Real Estate Developments is taking a financial chance by attempting an unproven design theme for this area, he still called A Perryville Place “a pioneering project” that could prompt other developers to think differently.

“I think it is going to be successful,” he said. “I think it is going to be a precursor to other novel and interesting approaches to development.”

Scott Christiansen Supports Summit Real Estate Developments

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Winnebago County Board Chairman Scott Christiansen also showed support for Summit Real Estate Developments by saying, “A Perryville Place is the type of new urban development found in many great cities like Chicago, Boston and San Francisco that give the community opportunities to get together to shop, dine, work and unwind in one location.” Christiansen added, “I hope to see other nearby Rockford cities follow suit with this type of development.”

Rockford Chamber of Commerce Playday: Interview with Ashlesha and Avneesh Nigam

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In this Rockford Chamber of Commerce Playday radio interview, Ashlesha Nigam and Avneesh Nigam talk about A Perryville Place and invites business owners to lease space in Rockford's fastest developing area.


Dean Ervin says, "Absolutely One of the Most Incredible Buildings."

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Dean ErvinIn this WNTA 1330AM radio interview with Dean Ervin, Ashlesha Nigam, Avneesh Nigam, and Rob Singer point out the key aspects of the newly built complex, A Perryville Place.

Ashlesha points out, "Synergy was our vision, and we brought famous architects from New York, Boulder, and Rockford to build A Perryville Place."

Dean Erwin ends the interview with a quote, "Check it Out Folks. It is absolutely one of the most incredible buildings in Rockford. It is astonishing and you're never gonna forget it!"


Rockford Mayor Lawrence J. Morrissey applauds Summit Real Estate Developments Inc

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Lawrence MorrisseyDuring a recent A Perryville Place development progress event, Rockford Mayor Lawrence J. Morrissey applauded Summit Real Estate Developments Inc. and the Nigam family for their well-thought out plan. Mayor Morrissey said, “This stunning mixed-use commercial space is a refreshing departure from the ‘big box’ buildings.” Mayor Morrissey added, “Summit Real Estate Developments is demonstrating that there are not only alternatives, but very exciting alternatives, to what we have previously accepted as mandates of sprawl.”

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What separates A Perryville Place from the rest is the philosophy that work and life can coexist. As the upper levels of the development are devoted to business, the lower levels will be teeming with social activities, including high-end salon, fitness, restaurant and entertainment.

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