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Perryville Business Centers

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Perryville Business Centers (PBC) has been formed to be the solution to a myriad of questions that have concerned business professionals, inside and outside of the Rockford, IL area. PBC actively addresses paramount concerns that challenge businesses of any size, sector, and physical location. How to effectively manage overhead costs, efficiently manage risk, optimize financial resources to focus on core competencies, manage physical and budgetary constraints, augment the professional image for greater exposure within the business community:

Let PBC create the understanding of how office space requirements are an integral strategic component to the dynamic nature of a business plan. PBC has provided professional and space efficient new desks, furniture, state-of-the-art connectivity, highly trained staff, modular meeting rooms, all with flexible short term leases. Timing is optimized, allowing for new market opportunities that were previously not available due to financial, human resource, and bandwidth constraints.

PBC is taking the initiative and opening the gate for small, medium, and large enterprises serving everyone from the early start-up to the re-purposed, solo senior executive.

Perryville Business Centers is a full service business resource that allows clients to have numerous business services available to them on a pay-per-use basis. In addition, virtual solutions are available for the individual and/or business that require similar resources without the physical space of an executive suite. Clients are able to utilize any combination of workplace products and packages to support their unique needs.

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What separates A Perryville Place from the rest is the philosophy that work and life can coexist. As the upper levels of the development are devoted to business, the lower levels will be teeming with social activities, including high-end salon, fitness, restaurant and entertainment.

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