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Staying on Course for ‘Zigzag Building’

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Rowena VergaraROCKFORD — Perryville Road has blossomed quickly. In the last three years alone, big-name banks, wine shops, Famous Dave's, Caribou Coffee and others have set up shop.

But the commercial district now needs to grow up — and get on board with the rest of the nation. One developer has spent nearly three years trying to make that happen.

Ashlesha Nigam, president of Summit Real Estate Developments, says she looks forward to a May 1 opening of A Perryville Place, a four-story, mixed-use development that encourages people to mingle their working world with their personal world.

A Perryville Place is marketed as a place "where work comes to life." It will include high-end retail and office space as well as a restaurant and bar.

The building at 6957 Olde Creek Road is anything but a big-box development. The pedestrian friendly complex is something commonly seen in urban areas of large cities like Denver, Dallas and Los Angeles — but not yet in Rockford.

Traits like these have city and county officials calling it "the flagship" development of Rockford.


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What separates A Perryville Place from the rest is the philosophy that work and life can coexist. As the upper levels of the development are devoted to business, the lower levels will be teeming with social activities, including high-end salon, fitness, restaurant and entertainment.

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