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A Perryville Place

Our center is conveniently located in A Perryville Place, & provides state-of-the-art high quality diagnostic imaging in a comfortable environment.

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Make an Appointment Monday - Thursday : 8:00am - 9:00pm
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Sat & Sun: By Appointments Only
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HIGH FIELD OPEN MRI of Rockford Welcomes You

ACR seal

High Field OPEN MRI of Rockford Proudly Receives its ACR Accreditation Renewal

After a strict evaluation, High Field OPEN MRI of Rockford (HFOMRI) receives approval for its accreditation renewal from the American College of Radiology.  The American College of Radiology (ACR) has the expertise and infrastructure to assist large numbers of advanced medical imaging providers get accredited and protect their reimbursements by the Jan. 1 2012 deadline mandated by CMS.

The ACR has accredited more than 20,000 facilities and has a dedicated staff of certified radiologic technologists to guide providers through the accreditation process.  ACR accreditation is a comprehensive process where special attention is paid to image quality in addition to equipment performance, safety standards for staff and patients, quality control procedures, quality assurance programs, and personnel qualifications for non-physician medical staff, medical directors and supervising physicians.

The ACR accreditation renews every three years, and although it was not mandated, High Field Open MRI submitted our service for evaluation and received our accreditation 3 years ago, and that status remains today.  We pride ourselves in being a medical facility that maintains a level of quality so both our patients and doctors have the peace of mind and confidence in our images they deserve.


Price Difference in Cost of MRI at Independent Center vs. Hospitals

"So if you're wondering if you should have your MRI at the hospital or a MRI center, like Highfield OPEN MRI, you're first consideration might be cost.  This news story shows how an independent MRI center can cost you justs 1/3 of the cost of the hospital.
"Prices for identical goods and services are usually the same or very close at competing businesses. That's not the case when it comes to health care — not by a long shot. For example, in Pensacola, Fla., there are huge price disparities for MRI tests. It's not a matter of greed or poor decision-making by MRI providers or a lack of consumer awareness. For better or worse, it's the way our insurance-based health care system works."
Listen to and read the transcript from the full story by clicking here.

Story found on NPR.org, November 13, 2009


Healthcare Industry Update Luncheon

11/10/2010: Rockford Chamber of Commerce’s Health Care Industry Update Luncheon at The Clock Tower Resort & Conference Center

In our 3rd year, High Field OPEN MRI, was proud to be the GOLD Sponsor at this year's Annual Health Care Industry Update Luncheon organized by Rockford Chamber of Commerce.  We are appreciative to join with an organization that is dedicated to education of the Healthcare Industry.  It is so important for our professionals to take an active role in understanding the dynamics of healthcare in today's evolving environment.

ROCKFORD — Reform was the hot topic at Healthcare Industry Update Luncheon this year. "Representatives from Rockford's three major health systems discussed the challenges facing the industry, ranging from decreasing reimbursements and controlling costs to consumer behaviors that are changing."  About 340 people attended the event.

Read More on BusinessRockford.com

The Voice @ www.rockfordchamber.com (Click on this link to read full story and see pictures from the event)


Best of All Worlds

High Field OPEN MRI provides the best of all worlds directly to Physicians and Patients.

Physicians gain confidence when receiving excellent image quality with detailed reports provided by Board Certified, sub-specialty, and fellowship trained Radiologists all within 24 hours.

Patients realize the true meaning of OPEN and CARE with our attentive, experienced staff providing care in a comfortable open-air environment. The Center has a reassuring nature and is surrounded by many large windows; significantly reducing anxiety and claustrophobia levels.


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