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MRI FacilityHigh Field OPEN MRI is constantly achieving a higher standard of diagnostic care since its inception in 2006. After a rigorous evaluation process conducted by the American College of Radiology (ACR), High Field OPEN MRI became accredited in 2008. The ACR critically assessed a myriad of scans on multiple patient types and determined that the Hitachi Altaire high field open magnet undoubtedly provides excellent image quality. This allows for the Radiologist to accurately assess and provide a detailed written report your referring Physician can confidently use in diagnosing the patient.

In addition, Neuro-Radiologists and Musculoskeletal Radiologists have performed extensive research and analysis in their case studies on the high field OPEN magnet. The conclusions have been overwhelmingly positive. Simply stating that the High Field OPEN MRI provides the best of all worlds:

  • Excellent image quality
  • High patient comfort level
  • Open architecture allows for better patient positioning
  • Significantly reduces anxiety and clausterphobia levels for all patient body types





High Field OPEN MRI is conveniently located in A Perryville Place at the south end of the building were there is ample parking and easy access to the front door. Unlike other hospital or MRI radiology centers, we are a specialty center, there are no long lines, or back logs of patients.

MRI FacilityWe simply focus on delivering a higher level of care based on our expertise, knowledge and experience. Our Radiologists are sub-specialists, highly trained with research and teaching experience at major university hospitals.

Our technologists has over 17 years experience across multi modalities and receives continuous training in new MRI procedures and techniques for data acquisition of your study.

Inside the center, our caring and attentive staff will greet you in a warm comfortable and truly open facility with many windows to help make it a relaxing and enjoyable experience. If needed there are private dressing rooms with lock boxes for any personal belongings you may have. When ready, the technologist will escort and place you in the scanner, then comfort you with extra pads and pillows if needed or desired. Upon completion of your scan(s) a CD with your images will be provided to you before you leave the Center. This immediate service will enable you to share the contents with your Physician and can assist in obtaining a quicker diagnosis.

Please join us as we raise the level of care for the community we serve.

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