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High Field Open MRI     High Field Open MRI     High Field Open MRI


Our new Hitachi Altaire HIGH FIELD OPEN MRI scanner is not the average area MRI scanner. This MRI unit features a Super Conductive – High Field Magnet that provides high quality imaging with shorter scan times. The image quality is comparable to any high field/closed bore scanner and can offer greater patient comfort. This unit also features enhanced signal strength allowing the targeted body part to be placed in the strongest part of the magnet; “sweet spot.” This makes the system the perfect solution for any MSK, Neuro relating application.


Patients need comfort and they deserve the very best. This high field system provides the best of all worlds. High quality imaging for the physicians and the greater patient comfort with greater flexibility and movement. All without the claustrophobic or the “closed in” feeling of a closed bore magnet. The Altaire revolutionized this concept in MR imaging and now we’re taking it further by bringing this to specialty backgrounds interpreting the studies respective of the patients’ condition.


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Altaire MRI Scanner

High quality imaging with shorter scan times

Musculoskeletal Techniques & Studies

A Case Study by Gen J. Maruyama, MD

Diagnostic Neurology w/Altaire® OPEN MRI

A Case Study by C. Douglas Phillips, MD

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